Welcome to medctm®, a subsidiary of MEDCOACH and a consulting and project management initiative committed to develop and improve the business performance of medical companies in the fastest growing Middle Eastern market. medctm® bundles long term regional and cultural experience in the Middle East, market specific knowledge and highly reputable experts from the clinical sector as well as major international consulting companies.

medctm® offers a comprehensive business development from commonly developing clients´ core strategy to local implementation and continuous regional performance and quality monitoring in the Middle East. The combination of expertise, local networking and outstanding commitment in combination with a tailor-made service package based on the clients´ personal requirements enables the clients to succeed in Middle East market.

medctm® comprises three core activities “consulting – training – managing” explained on the following websites.

MEDCTM is always looking for challenging projects and professional cooperation partners.

Contact details

medctm Europe
Josef-Redl-Gasse 12
1180 Vienna
Austria / Europe

Phone: +43 1 911 59 11
Fax:       +43 1 911 59 11
Email:   office@medctm.com
medctm Middle East
DMC-BC2, Bldg # 8
PO Box 502068
Dubai Media City
Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Mobile: +971 503295494
(if not available, please call medctm Europe)
Email:   office_dubai@medctm.com