Together with our clients medctm® develops strategies for successfully entering the market in the Middle East or for optimizing an existing local presence. With a special regional focus a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and possible weaknesses of the product / service offered will be made. Market analysis, relevant legal regulations and existing competitors contribute to enable a profound basis for a successful strategy.

medctm® utilizes a consulting approach to identify client objectives and the issues or potential issues, that may inhibit our clients from achieving these objectives. This process often begins with in depth discussions with all client stakeholders, as each stakeholder may have a slightly different perception of the overall situation.

Our consulting approach goes far beyond a strategic consulting. It is our intention to accompany our clients from the very beginning to the implementation of agreed measures and an ongoing quality management. Master and detailed project plans will be provided and milestones defined to track the way to success.

Consulting includes that our senior consultants will be personally available any time needed, no matter if in the client´s headquarters in Europe or on site in the Middle Eastern market.