Effective trainings convey relevant and useful information informing participants and develop skills and behaviours to be applied in everyday work.

European products and services are well known for high quality and latest technology. Nevertheless low price competitors mainly from Asia enter the Middle East market and endanger the market position of high quality providers. With more and more sophisticated products and services sales force, purchase departments and finally end users have to be integrated in target orientated trainings. Only an understanding of product differences and the advantage of superior products by the trained persons will guarantee European providers a sustainable success.

medctm® believes in professional trainings as a specific type of future orientated marketing, providing customers and trading partners the knowledge background they need to understand the “message” of our clients and appreciate their products and brands.

Trainings which focus participants´ attention to a product and which focus on incorporating their new skills create a long term relationship with a product provider.

medctm® training:

  • develops deeper relationships with partners
  • builds brand presence in end-consumer markets and encourage pull through sales
  • develop discerning customers who appreciate top tier medical products and services
  • accelerate product change-over or transition
  • work with a very knowledgeable partner who can bring leading industry expertise to augment their marketing staff and get the job done

These modern training concepts

  • promote a deep and long lasting relationships with local distribution partners and customers.
  • enable a brand presence in end-consumer ´s minds and encourage them to actively demand special products they are well trained.
  • increase the awareness of product quality and provide argumentation against low cost providers.
  • accelerate product change-over or transition to the trained products.